Parents And Depression

This is a very serious thing . For parents many may hide it or worse use drugs or drink . It effects 7.5 million parents each year . This puts children at risk for mental behavior and social problems.

If you have any of these below please get help ASAP! During the past 30 DAYS, how often did you feel…
1. So sad that nothing could cheer you up;
2. Nervous;
3. Restless or fidgety;
4. Hopeless;
5. That everything was an effort;
6. Worthless

Some parents maybe sick or have pain they don’t talk about . Or stress or a sick kid. Whatever it is no one gets right everyone depressed thinks no one cares . Well this why it’s a big thing now . Because parenting is a hard job not as easy as it seems. And stressful is only half of it ! 😳 all us moms cry 😭 when we overwhelmed with doing everything. But depression is different if your crying more please get help .

By Jenn S


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